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Amateur Asian Mom

I love old Asian mature milf mom and grandma for hardcore sex

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Amateur Asian Milf Archie
01:51, 2015-Aug-17

35yo amateur Asian Milf Archie from the Philippines


Sexy and cute amateur Asian Milf Archie looking great in her white stockings


Name; Archie? Age; 35? Location; Philippines

If your looking for a cute and sexy amateur Asian milf that is highly sexual, then Ms Archie is the lady for you.? Really cute, for real, if you saw her in person on the street you would be attracted to her if Asian Milf’s were your type of woman.? Personality wise, she is as nice as she is cute.? Very soft spoken and extremely polite.? Some of the older ladies that we shoot, you can tell that they’ve been around the block once or twice.? But Archie doesn’t come across like that at all.? In fact if you met her in person I would bet that you would be a bit surprised that she did a porn shot at all.

Ok so her body and he sex.? Her body is slamming for her age, her skin is soft as hell.? One of the thing I really enjoy about a lady is her soft skin and Archie has that.? Her pussy was tight and wet, she wasn’t into doing anal.? But all is not lost, she did say that she would give up her ass or anything else that to please the significant other in her life.? So if you hook up with her she would give up the ass, might not like it but would take if for the team, what a woman ??? .

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Old Asian Wife Aj Pussy and Ass
01:54, 2015-Aug-15

Old Asian wife Aj shows off her pussy and ass.


Love this old Asian wife Aj, with a great older body. All the soft parts, great tits and an ass that she is willing to give up.


Name; Aj? Age; 41? Location; Philippines

Hey this is considered very curvy for an Asian lady.? And for an old Asian wife that has worked hard all her life, Aj looks fantastic!? She not only looks great but her personality is super sweet.? Had a good time hanging out for the day and doing this shoot with her.? Sexually, you can tell she isn’t that experienced.? Definitely not a working girl now or in the past.? We hooked up with by one of our scouts finding her working at a food cart.? So not even a massage lady.? But, with that said, she wasn’t shy or unwilling to try or do anything.? In fact it was kind of nice, it was like teaching her something new and she was totally willing to learn.? “Oh, you can stick a cock up my asshole? I like that!”? “Didn’t think I could put that dick so far down my throat”.? She wanted to do and try anything other then her normal lay on her back legs in the air quick with hubby routine.? Which I’m sure is good for hubby.? No one had even gone down on her before, I did, and she flipped the fuck out.? She loved it, came in about 5 secs, was funny as hell.

So, great lady all the things I like about an old Asian wife that has been put away for too long.

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Old Asian wife, older OMA, mature, what ever you like in older Asian women is here

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Curvy Asian Mom May
22:58, 2015-Aug-4

Full figured and very curvy Asian Mom, Ms May.


Hot and very sexy with an amazing full figure, this Curvy Asian Mom is built for sex


Name; May? Age; 35? Location; SEA

May is a full figured and very curvy Asian mom and wife.? Her body is perfect for cold night and hard sex.? Hell, OK, it could be 100 degrees and her body is still made for bumping.

Now that we have the obvious of the way lets get some information her.? May is a big girl, especially for an Asian, she is taller then average for sure.? So yea big lady for sure but damn what a figure.? She has to have one of the nicest curvy Asian mom bodies I have come across doing this job.? The thing is too, her body is tight!? I mean you look at her ass and it is definitely nice and soft but its firm too.? Some of the so called, “curvy ladies” that you come across are nothing more then one step away from being in the BBW category.? Not May, she is big soft and curvy but at the same type really firm and tight.? I mean she isn’t over weight or anything, everything on her is just shapely fit for her body type.

Sexually, OMG, (I hated typing that but in this case it really fits).? This is what making love to a woman is all about.? Crazy hot, she is just so sexy and sexual and her body, just fucking wow.? Has to be one of my all time best fucks, ever!? Ladies like Ms May here is exactly the reason I look for older women.? She is the reason to this day, my dick gets hard when I see a curvy Asian Mom.

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Mature Asian Grandma Nana
02:47, 2015-Jul-26

A very slutty and cute mature Asian grandma Nana


This mature Asian grandma was a real slut and loved sex


Name; Nana? Age; 41? Location; SE Asia

This mature Asian Grandma is a slutty little thing that loves to have sex.? She works as a massage lady in a hotel, and yes, she does offer full service as often as she can.? Her body is nice with bigger then average tits for ladies from this area.? Her skin wasn’t the greatest but I did like her body over all.? Her pussy was still very tight and she gave a great blowjob so pluses for those two things.? She also will do and enjoys anal, unfortunately we didn’t get that into this shoot.? Next time if we do her again we won’t forget to enter her ass ;).? Nana is cute but looks older then she is in the photos.? Ladies from this region can look 10 years younger, or even more then they really are.? I think Nana looks her age which is kind of funny for a mature Asian grandma.? O.k. so over not the best but she was nice and I would never kick her out of bed.

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Tiny Asian Grandma Ding
21:47, 2015-Jul-5

Very cute, tiny Asian grandma Ding has sex


Very hot cute and sexy tiny Asian grandma Ding


Name; Ding? Age; 44? Location; SEA

Love this lady, when I think of a sexy tiny Asian grandma Ms Ding her is what come to my mind.? What an amazing body for a lady of forty four!? Her ass is still perfect and her tits are still perky and cute.? Pussy tight, asshole available for use, great at sucking cock and she cums at the slightest touch of her clit, perfect.? She is a massage lady, and can give one hell of a massage.? Can it get any better?

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Sexy and mature older Asian women and grandmas ready and willing to show you everything

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Sexy Filipino Milf Rose
00:21, 2015-Jun-30

Rose is a very sexy Filipino Milf



Name; Rose? Age; 41? Location; Philippines

This sexy Filipino Milf was as wild as they get.? We hooked up with little Ms Rose at a hotel we were staying at.? She was actually the maid.? One day I was in the room as she came into it to do the daily cleaning.? She was very flirtatious from the get go.? I knew what she was doing, she was looking to make some money on the side.? And when she asked if I would like a massage I knew, this lady was working.? I told her I’ll pass on the massage for now, but had a better idea ;).? She happily agreed, there was a bit of money to be made for her here.? This lady loves sex and will do just about anything you ask of her.? So its good that she has a job where she can combine her work and pleasure all into one ;).? Her body is amazing and would make many younger women jealous.? Her tiny little tits are still firm and her ass is nice as hell.? As well as her pussy being as sweet and tasty as it ever was.

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Amateur sexy Filipino Milf porn

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Cute Asian Mom Sex
02:37, 2015-Jun-29

Cute Asian Mom sex with tiny MILF Andrea


Name; Andrea? Age; 30? Location; Philippines

Cute Asian mom sex says it all, if you want all of those things then Andrea would be a pretty good choice.? Andrea is tiny at no more then five foot nothing.? Almost no tits and a tiny little frame.? All things I like in an older mature Asian, oh and of course a great ass.? She cuts hair for a living and where we hooked up with her.? She wasn’t really wanting to do a shoot at first.? But then she hooked up with our camera guy for awhile, when they broke up she agreed to do a shoot.? Maybe she thought it might piss him off or make him jealous and he might go back with her?? Don’t think he cared much as he is the one behind the camera on this one.? Andrea is a really sweet lady not sure why it didn’t work out between them.

OK, so enough of the soup drama and back to her.? Like I said before this lady is tiny and so cute.? Itty bitty titties describe her boobs and she does have a really nice ass.?? Her sex was good too, great blowjob and no problem throat fucking her.? No anal would be the only down side but the rest of her makes up for it in my book.

Ok so if you would like to see more of her, the same drill, here is a link for her tgp

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Best cute Asian mom sex on line

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Amateur Asian Mom Lesbian Porn
03:12, 2015-Jun-23

Po and Fa doing HC amateur Asian mom lesbian porn


Thai mom and Japanese mom in amateur Asian mom lesbian sex


Name; Poo and Fa? Age; 32 and 40? Location; Thai

Guess the title should be bi-sexual rather then amateur Asian Milf lesbian porn.? Cause these ladies like the cock more but do enjoy licking a pussy once in awhile.? Like when I ask them to do so for a shoot.? Poo, the younger one, with the shorter hair, was one of our scouts and found us plenty of hotties of the site.? When I asked her if she would do a girl girl shoot I wasn’t surprised that she agreed.? She is one slut of a mature Asian, she really likes to get fucked up the ass the most.? But Fa, didn’t seem all that wild, I mean she has a great body and the sex was good with her when we shot her alone.? But she wasn’t into anal and did come off as a bit shy.? So when Poo walked into the house with Fa in tow saying this is the pussy I’m going to lick today, I was a bit surprised it was Fa.

The shoot it self was amazing!? Sometimes when you set this kind of shoot up you can tell that the girls aren’t really into it.? Their just there for the paycheck and if it was up to them they wouldn’t be near a pussy.? But these two really go into it.? And when I jumped in and started to put my dick in any hole I could find, they seemed to really get into it.? They licked my dick clean after I was in the others pussy and I ended up cumming in Poo’s tight asshole.? What a great shoot this was, what a great day.

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New Asian Mom Porn with Nicole
03:54, 2015-Jun-21

Asian mom porn with hot and sexy Nicole


Hot Asian mom porn with milf Nicole


Name; Nicole? Age; 31? Location; Philippines

Nothing better then getting a hottie like Nicole here for the best Asian mom porn around.? But lets get started with a little bit about her.? Nicole is tall for a Filipino Milf and a really nice shape on her.? In stockings her body looked amazing with her cute apple ass sticking out.? Her personality I would have to almost call melancholy.? I mean she wasn’t unhappy or sad but I guess at times it did appear so.? I did ask her if she was ok a couple of times and she always replied positively.? If we ever get a sense that a lady is unhappy or just doesn’t want to do this, we stop, it’s all good for us.? And believe us or not taking care of the ladies is our number one priority.? And her sex was great, fully into it, didn’t have to give her much direction at all.? And when the cum shot happened she smile and giggled and seemed really happy that we nutted on her.? It was all good at the end.? After the shoot she hung out a bit and I asked her again if she was ok cause at the beginning of the shoot I thought she was a bit sad.? She said, no, she was fine and that she was just really nervous about showing her body and performing sexual well enough.? Well she has nothing to be shy about her body as it is amazing and her sex, can I have more please.

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Tiny tits Asian Milf
01:44, 2015-Jun-12

Sandy is a tiny tits Asian Milf


Sandy is a cute and sexy tiny tits Asian Milf doing HC porn


Name; Sandy? Age; 30? Location; Philippines

Cute and sexy this tiny tits Asian Milf goes hardcore for her very 1st porn shoot.? Looking thin and good in hot black stockings and garter belt.? We met Sandy through a friend of a friend situation.? She is actually a good friend of the girl Mj on this site, we found a lot of our ladies through her.? She had been hanging around the apartment when ever I would fly in to do shoots and just help out here and there.? One day I told her to suck my dick, we were chilling and joking around that day.? She jumped right up, planted herself between my legs and started to give me a great blowjob till I nutted.? I was like wtf, but thank you ;).? Come to find out that she had wanted to do a shoot for some time but was a little embarrassed to ask out right.? But giving me head in front of 5 people wasn’t embarrassing?? So we set it up for the next day and here she is, glad I asked for a blowjob, because she did great as you can tell by the photos.? F’in tiny tits Asian Milf gotta to love em.

A bit more of her at this tgp link

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Hot Asian Milf Porn
00:41, 2015-Jun-12

Hot Asian Milf porn with Ms Yuri


Sexy and hot Asian Milf porn with Yuri in stockings


Name; Yuri? Age; 44 Location; Philippines

Yuri has a very exotic look about her and that’s due to her being half Russian.? To me some of the best looking women in the world are mixed blood like Yuri.? But to be honest, her look isn’t my cup of tea, but you still have to be amazed at her slamming full curvy figure.? She has some really big tits for an Asian Milf.? That’s probably due the Russian side of her.? Yuri was really sweet, to meet her on the street or outside of this setting, you would never think of her doing hot Asian Milf porn.? Goes to show you that looks can be deceiving.? Sexually, Yuri was great, very willing to go into any position we asked.? The best part of the set for me was the titty fuck I got from her.? Was very hot and almost copped a nut right there.? Glad that I didn’t though, because her pussy was very nice.? Wet, hot and tight, yes 44 and still tight pussy, gotta love these older Asian women.? So over all not exactly my type as far as the face goes.? Great body for a lady her age, pussy, clean, wet and tight.? Yuri, gives great, hot Asian Milf porn ???

Check out some more of her photos at this tgp link

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Asian Mom Uncensored
02:37, 2015-Jun-9

Cathie an Asian mom uncensored


Sexy and hot Ms Cathie an Asian mom uncensored


Name; Cathie? Age; 32? Location; Philippines

Hey guys, sorry to say I don’t remember too much about this lady.? As bad as that might sound, have to remember the hundreds of women I’ve shot for the site.? Some of them stand out and I’ll never forget the shoot or the sex I had with them.? But Cathie here, I have to remember why I labeled her photos with Asian Milf uncensored.? And that was the key, once I thought about that it came to me.? Cathie was a wild one with the mouth of a truck driver and loved to drink.? I there was a vacation video made of Filipino Asian milf uncensored or gone wild she would be at the top of the list.? I mean, it’s not like I didn’t like her she was just fucking nuts, crazy.? She loved to party and drink and I guess at 32 your still not too old for that kind of shit, but getting their.? Ok so anyway, cute lady, wild and loved to have sex all good in my book.

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